• Biblical Counseling

  • Self Defense Training

  • Academic Guidance

  • Academic Scholarships

  • Safe Shelter



  • Daily Bible Study

  • Structured Environment

  • Life Skills Training

  • New Employment

  • Healthy Food


OUT OF THE ASHES Psalm 113:7

The Girls House of Refuge is a Christ centered, non-profit organization in Cambodia.


We share Jesus Christ with all, but our focus are the women on the outer edges of society.


These women are often very young, and can come from impoverished villages, inner city slums, and sexual exploitation.  


The House of Refuge has TWO PHASES the girls go through. 


This is a three month commitment designed to introduce the gospel to new girls that come from difficult and vulnerable backgrounds such as: sexual exploitation, substance abuse, addiction, and various types of abuse. 



Every woman's life plan is specifically tailored to fit her needs. After the women successfully fulfill their three month commitment, they are then given the opportunity to choose to continue to phase two for further education or receive vocational training. 


The second phase is a loving discipleship program.


All of the girls are from impoverished backgrounds, which makes them incredibly vulnerable or they have successfully graduated from phase one. Here, they are given the chance to live, love, eat, and go to college. All while studying the Bible daily and participating in various outreaches to pour back into the community.  

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